Principal's Message
  1. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
    Good education today is not classified by overloading the children with information and vast curriculam, but with providing them a suitable platform where they can learn and grow and understand the nuance of the world which in turn helps them in becoming better and aware individuals. Every child is a unique power store and treasure house of numerous qualities that need a platform to polish, chisel and showcase, for this there is a need of a school like Samajotthan Sr.Sec. School in which we will help each student to think out of that box which is provided them by the society, we will extend there learning and our aim is to carve there path because every child has humongous potential.
  2. We believe that the aim of holistic education is to inculcate the ability to have a mission with a vision and to mould their children as a good human beings. We also ensure that our students are well versed with the culture and traditions of our country.